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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rush Limbaugh is a Spirit in the Material World

It's been quite a busy week.

Let me recap for you:

Saturday: Sadie, Karen, and I went to her parent's house to celebrate our collective birthdays (Karen and I have May birthdays and Sadie's is in late April).

I appreciate the party and all, but why do I have to share a celebration with Karen and Sadie? Don't they know I'm a celebrity? We should be flying out to New York for dinner at 21. Barbara Walters would come, I'm sure.

Interesting little fact: I'm getting blog hits out of Palm Beach, Florida. Because of this, I am assuming that Rush Limbaugh is regularly reading the blog. Thus, I bet he'd come to my birthday party.

Evil Jeff brought his small one to the party. This isn't that big of a deal except the small one saw me and started making loud, overstimulated noises. She slithered towards me, excited and squealing, and wouldn't stop, despite my hissing and glaring looks.

Karen trapped Sadie and held her so that Sofie could see her. Sadie told me later that this was the scariest moment of her life next to her kitten hood memories of living under the deck in the home inhabited by the unnuetered daschund.

I'll admit it. I was scared. She wouldn't respond to hissing. In fact, she started mocking my hissing as she moved closer. Plus that kid outweighs me by ten pounds easy. And she moves really fast now. That is my issue with the small ones: eventually they begin to move and become predatory.

Anyway, Karen's mom bought Sadie and me this climbing thing. It's pretty cool. Of course, I merely sniffed it in her presence, but it is pretty cool.

Sunday was Karen's birthday. We celebrated by watching TV all afternoon.

Someone suggested that I clean out the liter box for Karen on her birthday. This is a ridiculous idea. If I start performing such menial household tasks, then Karen might develop a sense of entitlement and misunderstand her place in the universe.

We really don't want that, do we???

Nothing particularly monumental here. Karen left for work. Sadie and I chilled at the house all day. Karen came home from work and did some laundry, took out the trash, and cleaned our liter box (not necessarily in that order).

Karen saw The Police reunion concert last night at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. She's been talking about it since she got home at one this morning.

We here at I Don't Pretend to be an Ordinary Cat, love The Police. They rock. Karen said it was amazing sitting in an audience that large when everyone knew all the words to all the songs.

On a much sadder note, Hamilton Jordan, the man behind the Jimmy Carter presidential campaign, died Tuesday. He was 63. With the exception of Face the Nation, all of the news carriers got it wrong. Yes, he was the youngest chief of staff ever and masterminded the 1976 election of the unknown peanut farmer when he was merely 32 (two years younger than Karen is now). But he fought off six forms of cancer and dedicated most of his adult life to children with cancer. Amazingly enough, I only heard this fact mentioned by Bob Schiffer.

Anyway . . .

Karen went to work on three hours sleep. Sadie and I sunbathed in the kitchen.

Over the weekend, Karen bought 1000 thread count sheets at Linens n Things for like 85 percent off the original price. Finally, she put them on the bed. The sheets are freakin fabulous. The problem is now that Karen is having trouble getting out of bed, which becomes a problem for me, as I don't particularly want her there in the first place.

Karen came home from work, sat down on my bed, and fell asleep. She woke up the next morning at five, still in her work clothes from the day before. Pretty freaky, right???

Karen left for work, in shock that she woke up in work clothes. Sadie and I fought over a stray kitty treat we found on the floor of the dining room.

And that pretty much catches us up to date.

Have a lovely Memorial Day.

Go 'Stros


Travis Erwin said...

Happy belated Birthday to all of you.

Okay, I get that Karen is 34 one year younger than me and I know how to compute dong years over to the human equivalent but how to you compute cat years? And how old are you. You see to be a wise feline so I'm guessing there may be a few gray hairs around the whiskers.

Reid said...

Happy belated birthday! Or, should I say "Happy belated Rush Limbaugh!"

Leah J. Utas said...

Happy Belated Birthdays to Penelope, Sadie, and Karen.

the Bag Lady said...

Penelope - Happy Birthday. It's a shame that you had to share the party with your housemates, but at least you put Karen in her place over the litter box issue!!
Happy Birthday to Karen, too. And Sadie.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Happy Birthday all! And especially to Penelope of course, being a celebrity and all.

What's up with the work clothes thing? Wow. I'd be freaked out too.

Mr. Shife said...

Sounds like you and Karen have been busy. Happy belated birthdays to both of you - hope it was fabulous. And if Rush does happen to make contact with you tell him Mr. Shife told him to suck a muffler. Thanks in advance.

robyn's nest said...

Glad to hear the Police show was good! Sorry I couldn't join you. You know how it is with little ones...ha, ha!