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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nobody puts Putin in the Corner

Before I begin, I would like to point out that Dirty Dancing might be the stupidest movie ever created. I know it has a following and if you're a fan, I'm sorry to mention your taste sucks.

Anyway Lionsgate is suing over a trademark infringement:


I'm really not interested in legalities. Bottom line: it's a stupid movie which made WAY more money than any stupid movie should ever make.

T shirt companies are giving it free advertising.

Who cares?

Lionsgate should have to pay a fine for lowering the collective IQ.

Anyway . . .

The man.

The myth.

The 54- year- old dude sans shirt.


Being that I am a well informed cat, I opt not to criticize ANYONE formerly associated with the KGB. It just seems safer that way. With that in mind, despite being 54 Vladimir Putin looks pretty good topless. This shouldn't be surprising, as once again, HE'S FORMER KGB.

I'm guessing that Putin is so physically and mentally trained he probably sleeps with one eye open. The newspapers are saying this is supposedly some PR/ "I'm macho" move.


Who are we to judge? Ole George clears brush in Texas to show his machismo.

He usually wears a shirt though.

Whose more macho: Vladimir "I took care of things in the Cold War era" Putin or George "I took care of the keg and God knows what else during the Cold War era" Bush???

Would the topless approach work in the states?

Presidential candidates without a shirt. Interesting . . .

I'm seeing Dennis Kucinich walking along the beach.

How about John McCain mowing the lawn?

Or Rudy Giuliani chewing on a cigar, overseeing a craps game in the back yard?

John Edwards fishing?

Mitt Romney . . . I don't know. I don't think ole Mitt is ever topless. I think he even wears clothes in the shower.


Go 'Stros.


Crabby McSlacker said...

I suspect a topless campaign speech wouldn't help Hilary's popularity much, but you never know.

And Penelope, you are a marvelously well-informed cat! Our's doesn't give a crap about Putin, topless or fully clothed. Perhaps we need to change her brand of cat food--that must be the reason for her political and intellectual apathy.

Penelope said...

Who knows? I wonder if Hillary would be open to a spread in Playboy . . .

My only concern is that Putin not know who I am and where I live. Karen gave me some stuff to read about the KGB and it totally freaked me out. I only slept about nine hours a day for a week after that.

I eat Purina Indoor Cat Chow. It's in a green bag. I supplement that with chicken and tuna when Karen is so inclined to give me some.

Anyway, I've got to go. It's nap time.


robyn's nest said...

You simply must check this out:
Love ya!
robyn's nest

Spidey said...

Jerry Orbach, who would later distinguish himself in LAW & ORDER was the father of the hottie in DD. I remember seeing that movie back when it came out and I have disliked Patrick Swayze ever since. He took my girl...