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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Suburban Goats

One of my neighbors most recently procured a goat.

I watch it every morning while Karen is getting dressed for work and complaining about the goat making such a racket (were you aware that goats made noise-- I wasn't). It hangs in the backyard, with what looks like a black lab. The dog is allowed house privileges. The goat does not receive such luxuries, it appears.

If I were the goat I'd complain.

Karen has two concerns about the goat:

1. The goat is loud.

2. The goat should not eat her fence.

Sadie is scared of the goat, surprise surprise. When she hears it she runs off and hides.

I really don't care that much about the goat. My question is why, even in redneck Hell, would someone need a goat in the suburbs?

Are they milking it?

Does this mean they don't have to mow the yard anymore?

Anyone out in cyberland know the purpose of a goat? If you do, please let me know, as I'm quite curious about this issue.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Don't know about them generally, but here in the fire-prone hills of California they are sometimes used to chomp up dry grass and brush and clear an area before it's accidentally incinerated by idiots with cigarettes or firecrackers. But it's usually a herd, not an individual goat.

Maybe these folks thought they were getting a funny-looking dog. Do they try to make it shake hands or fetch? A sure sign.

Penelope said...

Interesting. . .

Although we definetely have the idiot firework issue, it's been so wet this summer, we don't worry much about fires.

I have not seen the goat fetch anything. I watch it from upstairs. It mostly makes loud noises and chews on things.


Dawn said...

Goats have a lot of personality, Penelope, but as you're pretty big on personality yourself, I predict a clash of egos looming!

Maybe you should be like Sadie and just avoid it.

Penelope said...

I'm not going to make friends with the goat. Karen doesn't let me go outside, even if I wanted to associate with a goat. But that would require some effort, which isnt' on my list of things to do today.

Gotta go, it's nap time.


Ron Southern said...

I understand they taste good if they're cooked well.