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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"It's Raining Men"

Has it been a great news week or what???

To quote Anderson Cooper of CNN:

"Is it a crime to flirt in the men's restroom?"

I'll let my male readers answer this question. I'm leaving that one alone.

Anyway, I am about to argue a point for the good Senator Larry Craig.

What, you ask. Penelope, why are you, the fabulous and all knowing cat, defending a man who plead guilty to a crime of George Michael proportions?

Because Craig is totally a victim of politics as usual.

Let me explain:

Just a matter of months ago, Senator David "House of the Rising Sun" Vitter admitted (after he was named by the D.C. madam) to soliciting prostitutes. Was he asked to resign?


Why, you ask, would the Republican Party persecute one skank lover over another?

The answer is very simple: Louisiana has a Democrat for Governor. Idaho has a Republican Governor. If Vitter were to resign, he would be replaced by a . . .

dom- dum- dom


This would not make George happy. It might even make ole Dick curse.

But wait, Penelope. Senator Craig has been a controversial figure for many years. His sexuality has been an issue frequently and he was even investigated for behaving inappropriately with Senate pages.

And Vitter was a virgin to hookerville until recently? His name appeared with the Canal Street madam in 2002.

Please. The whole issue boils down to Senate votes and numbers. This has nothing to do upholding any high standard of morality whatsoever.

Part of me is rooting for Senator Craig. I'd like to see him "stick it to the man".

Was that a poor choice of words?

Oh well . . .

I think CNN spent at least an hour on this issue during prime time.

In the meantime:

The Germans uncovered a terror plot against America.

Fred Thompson announced his candidacy for the presidency (surprise surprise).

And the 'Stros totally got their asses kick (14- 2 Milwaukee)

Not to mention the 3,750 American casualties in Iraq

Anyway . . .

I have a novel idea:

Why not leave it be and let THE VOTERS of the great states of Idaho and Louisiana VOTE THEIR ASSES OUT.

Or keep them. Stranger things have happened (Ted Kennedy, myriad of Texas politicians, etc.)

I can't make rhyme or reason of any of this crap. I'm going to bed and hope to hear nothing about Senator Craig tomorrow.

Not bloody likely though.


Crabby McSlacker said...

It's funny how easy it is to be hypocritical about this stuff. If Craig were a openly gay Democrat who got caught doing the same thing, I'd be talking about entrapment and victimless crimes and all that stuff.

But I gotta say, fair or unfair, I'm totally lovin' this. Just another humiliating sex scandal from the party that wants to take away my rights and shove their "traditional values" down my throat but keeps getting caught flaunting 'em in private.

Penelope said...

I'm totally with you on this. I've decided the reason for all these weird Rupublican sex scandals is because the Republican idea of "traditional" is so limiting it requires a closet and lots of secrets to boot.

But what do I know? I'm just a cat.

-- P

Dawn said...

Perhaps you could make a living digging up sex scandals and selling them to the networks. Oh, that's right - you don't work! Perhaps you could send Karen out to dig up sex scandals. You could be the one master minding it from the couch.

Penelope said...


Karen is a wretched assistant. I ask her to do things for me and I am greeted by sarcasm and contempt. Even simple things like scheduling appointments with quality photographers is an act of congress. Futhermore, she won't spring for a quality assistant, so I'm stuck with Sadie who is illiterate.

It's quite a predicament.

-- P