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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't Exploit the Hookers

Weird Google Hits

I'm getting weird Google hits.

Two things are bringing people to my site:

1. Rush Limbaugh's Cat-- Why is this? Is there that much interest in Pumpkin and her human companion?

2. "I've doin' it with class 'cause I got a big ass"-- This makes more sense. Thankfully, the perverts aren't posting comments. I guess they're disappointed.

If you were to ask me which of my posts bring the most people to this site, these two would not be the ones.

Oh well . . .

Don't Exploit the Hookers

I've got a really important lesson for all of you out in cyberland.

Are you listening?

OK, here it is:

If you are hanging out, say, in a bar, and if you are, say, drunk, and if it just so happens that somehow or another you end up in a trailer somewhere, and somehow your clothes escape your body, and a dude with a camera turns up ready to take pictures, don't sign the release form.

Particularly if your future includes the governor of New York and prostitution.


Ms. Ashley Dupre, at the ripe old age of seventeen, showed her ta tas for Girls Gone Wild. The poor, mislead, inebriated teenager signed a release. The lovely young lady's complaint is that Girls Gone Wild "exploit(ed) (her) image and likeness for their own financial gain at the emotional and physical expense of Ms. Dupré".

So let me get this straight: the hooker, who was charging the Governor of New York big bucks for sex, is upset with Joe Francis exploiting her nakedness?

If Francis superimposed a bin Laden beard or a habit on our lovely lady, yeah I see that as exploiting her image, but I would assume that nakedness and hookers go hand in hand. It's not exactly a career choice which promotes modesty or poor body image.

Otherwise, she'd probably be an accountant, right?

I don't mean to defend Francis. He's scum of the earth, no doubt, and I'm thrilled for as much of his empire as possible to be wasted away by legal fees, but come on. If she signed a release, drunk or not, she signed a release.

It's not like Joe Francis is hiding in bathrooms, snapping pictures under the stalls.


Go 'Stros


Reb said...

Oh, I'm sure that if she thought about it, she would blame the photos for turning her to hooking too.

billy pilgrim said...

i think that i saw judge judy say that a 17 year old can't enter into a contract.

yes, i admit to watching judge judy.