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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"From My Cold Bare Hands"

That's Charlton "Guns n' Moses" Heston, by the way . . .

Human beings are so stupid:


Oh, this is a swell idea: lets give the go ahead to put a GUN in a high school classroom.

Before I begin, I would like to point out this educator is NOT in Texas.

A teacher in Oregon sued for her right to carry a gun into her high school classroom. She is concerned about a crazy ex husband coming after her at work. The Pro gun people are backing her ". . . natural, God- given (right to protect yourself)."

Whoa, cowboys and cowgirls. I totally buy the God- given right to protect myself. I take advantage of it daily. For instance, last night Karen rolled over in her sleep and smashed me. So I bit her on the shoulder.

Problem solved. I didn't pull out a revolver and blow her brains out. Who would clean the kitty box, after all?

OK, I will acknowledge that I am being trite. My minor inconveniences are not comparable to this poor woman's daily paranoia caused by a nutjob of an ex husband. That being said, do we really want another gun on a high school campus? Do we really want a gun carried by an individual who probably is a little jumpy anyway (for obvious reasons) and spends her day with teenagers, whose purpose in life is to make adults a little jumpy?

Besides, if her ex husband is that psychotic, I wouldn't want her teaching the youth of America until this issue is rectified.

That is, if I felt any affection for the youth of America, which I do not.

Did you know you are sixty percent more likely to shoot a loved one than an intruder in a home? Arm the teachers and the same statistic will prove true in education.

The woman has a license to carry concealed. Does this mean she's allowed to carry a gun wherever? Like PetSmart? I don't want anyone carrying a gun in PetSmart. Too many freaky things happen there.

In all honesty I despise the NRA. They hide behind the second amendment and refuse to enter the 21st century. Random acts of violence will not be solved by arming every Tom, Dick or Harry. Perhaps we should look at why these random acts of violence happen and devise a plan to address the bigger issue.

But we can discuss that another time. Karen brought home my copy of I am America. So I have to read for my review.


the bag lady said...

Penelope: Hear, hear!! But, living in the country, there are occasional critters who need to be disposed of. The bag lady is rather tender-hearted and most of the time refuses to allow any hunting. That said, there is a huge problem with elk destroying haystacks, so the no-hunting rule has been relaxed. The cowboy is also uncharacteristically tender-hearted, and the one time he actually took a shot at a coyote bothering the calves, he shot it in the tail! Poor coyote jumped about 6 ft in the air, spun around a dozen times and took off into the bush!
As for school-teachers carrying concealed weapons - are we sure it's for protection against a crazy ex-husband? One surmises that teaching teenagers can be trying - perhaps she needs the weapon to get the little monsters to pay attention?! Or dance class...

Penelope said...

That is a good point, Bag Lady!!!

Living in the country is a legitimate reason to own a weapon. (Just don't bring it into PetSmart.)

-- P

Reb said...

Dance class - I like that - rolfl

I agree Penelope, she should have restrictions on where she can carry the darned thing. I don't know what will ever be done about the gun laws down there. People can be shown stats over & over that having a gun won't protect you, or smoking is bad for you, or whatever the case and they will just not listen.

That is not to say that Canada's gun laws are the answer. The restrictions placed on guns here are very confusing and can be gotten around, but, there are stats that indicate that the "homicide by firearm" rates have dropped. Of course, I didn't find "other" crime rate stats.

Sadly, it is the unregistered weapons that we all have to worry about.

Travis Erwin said...

Did you know you are sixty percent more likely to shoot a loved one than an intruder in a home?

Yeah but if you get shot you still have eight lives to go. Me? One hole through my hairy chest and I'm done.