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Monday, October 1, 2007

He Moves in Mysterious Ways

Yesterday was Craig Biggio's last game as a professional athlete.

Why do you ask is Craig Biggio remarkable?

1. 3,000 (plus) hits

2. Fifth on the all time doubles list

3. Played for the same team for TWENTY years. This, by the way, is an unheard of and much a contrived effort. He CHOSE to stay in Houston when he had opportunities to play elsewhere, for a larger paycheck, at other points in his career. Due to free economies, loyalties are anomalies in professional sports, and when it appears has to mean something.

4. Big time supporter/ advocate/ contributor to Sunshine Kids (provides opportunities for kids with cancer).

5. U2 plays every time he bats.

6. Sprints to first base every time he puts the ball in play.

7. Is judgemental about athletes who don't sprint to first base every time he puts the ball in play.

8. Commonly takes one for the team physically. Biggio holds the modern record for being hit by a pitch (285 times). How many times did he get to take first base and score due to the fact that he wasn't scared of (or crazy enough to think this was wise) a ninety- plus mph fastball plunking him God knows where? Got me, but if the dudes willing to do it, who am I to judge?

9. Promotes the "whatever it takes" attitude. For the team, Biggio played catcher (changed to second base to prolong his career), second base (changed to outfield to make way for Jeff Kent), outfield (changed to second base when Kent left for L.A.-- good freakin' riddance), and back to second base. He's the only player in major league history to be an all star as BOTH a catcher and second baseman (voted all star, not named to team).

10. The greatest Astro to don the star. Say what you will about Nolan Ryan (only a decade-- bastard Dr. McMullen), Jeff Bagwell (riddled with injuries), and Roger Clemens (mercenary), but none of these have the years of service AND the records as a 'Stro.

Anyway, I hope Mr. Biggio enjoys his retirement at the ripe old age of 42. He will be missed.

The season (at least for the 'Stros) is over. Only five months until spring training.

Go 'Stros (2008)

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Brainball said...

Hi, Penelope! Thank you so much for your well-wishes. You are such a brilliant cat -- I'm happy to know you! And I'm happy to be able to report that I'm feeling much better today.

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