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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Questions for You from the Cat

I have a list of questions I'd like someone to answer:

1. Why is it "breaking news" when Britney Spears gets arrested? First of all, who cares? Second, it's not like this doesn't happen semi regularly. Thus, is it really "breaking" news?

2. Why does the news crawler on E! run so damn slow? The thing creeps at a sloth's pace to the point I can't read it.

3. Does it bother anyone else that Joel Osteen, leader of the largest "mega church" in the free world, has virtually no doctrine and skirts every hardcore question asked to him? Don't get me wrong, I can't help but like "the smiling preacher", as he puts forth such positive energy, but the emperor has no clothes. Is this an issue with anyone else?

4. Why doesn't Bruce Springsteen get nailed like the Dixie Chicks for being what some call "anti- American"? He's taken on Bush the sequel, Reagan, a plethora of conservative issues, but yet no one is threatening his life or starting boycotts. Is it the difference between audiences? Got me, but it sure is interesting . . .

5. Did you see the Senator Craig interview on Dateline? Did the wife come off a little flaky? Did you giggle when they showed the old footage of Craig calling President Clinton " . . . a bad boy - a naughty boy. . . a nasty, bad, naughty boy” on Meet the Press?

6. I'm beginning to find Matt Lauer attractive. What are your thoughts on this?

7. Am I the only one who wants to grab Paul McCartney by the shoulders and shake him while shouting, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING MARRYING THE ONE LEGGED CHICK WITHOUT A PRENUMP"? That is, other than his older children. . .

Those are my questions. I'm now leaving. It's time for my late evening nap.


Travis Erwin said...

The answer to number four is because he doesn't sing country.

There is no room in mainstream country for singers with a mind and opinion of their own.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I always tend to see only the last half of a sentence on most news crawlers which drives me crazy. Who just got arrested for murder? What are they talking about? But then if you try to read them from the beginning--you're right, they go so slowly I tune out before I get to the end of the sentence.

Reb said...

1. It's the new American Dream? (all the tarts want to be famous) No-one with a brain. No.

2. Sorry, I don't have cable or satellite. Probably runs slow, so all the people who have to sound out the words can read it too.

3. No idea who that is.

4. Canadian here - not to mention not a fan of either.

5. see first parts of #'s 2 & 4

6. Are you getting ready to howl, or did Karen put an end to that?

7. Not alone there.

Hope you had a good nap.

the Bag Lady said...

Who's Matt Lauer and why would he be attractive to a feline? Does he look like a mouse?
The Bag Lady has always wanted to grab Paul McCartney, but not necessarily by the shoulders...
The Bag Lady (being a slightly ignorant Canuck) doesn't feel qualified to comment on the other questions, plus she forgets what they were (have you read her blog today?)...

Penelope said...


Good point. I guess one shouldn't "bight the hand that feeds you".

-- P

Penelope said...

The Long Lost Crab--

I'm not a big fan of the crawler either. Too much going on all at once.

-- P

Penelope said...

Reb and The Bag Lady--

Are you telling me that Canadians don't have the opportunity to see crap TV at its fullest???

What do you talk about amongst yourselves?

Things that matter, perhaps?

Interesting concept: conversations about things that matter. Something to consider. . .

-- P

Reb said...

Oh, we have the opportunity, well, those with money & cable or satellite. We just work so darn hard here in AB (Alberta) to pay our skyrocketing rents, we don't have time. Ah, boom times, gotta love it when they end, oops, 'til they end.

the Bag Lady said...

Penelope; Canadians have LOADS of crap TV (we have our own, AND we get yours, too!), but I tend not to watch. I know, I know, heresy!

Penelope said...

I commend you, Bag Lady, in your supreme sophistication and the tendency not to view crap TV.

You are a wise one.

-- P

Teri said...

Nice Blog :)