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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Georgia O'Keefe and the Ladies of Rick's Caberet

Have you ever ventured to an Internet search engine, typed exactly what you wanted information about, and found a myriad of data about numerous things, although interesting, not suited to your purpose?

I caught a bit on the news this evening about a "stripper tax". Intrigued, I went to Google to get more information. From the results of "stripper tax" I discovered that in Australia there are some very interesting tax write offs for workers in "adult" industries:


From this information, I have another question: is prostitution legal in Australia?

Anyway, back to the Texas stripper tax . . .


Actually, it's not a "tax" per say, but more like a "surcharge" of five bucks per head at each and every establishment which provides live "nude" entertainment.

What constitutes "nude"?

Does "nude" mean "nude"? Or does "nude" mean "topless"???


The projected revenue on this little endeavor is 44 million smackers.

That's 8,800,000 lecherous old men, frat boys, out of town businessmen, dudes at bachelor parties, and whatever other stereotype would enjoy being entertained by practically naked women.

To put this figure in perspective, the population of Texas is 23,507,783. The population of the city of Houston (fourth largest city in the United States) is 2,144,491 (2006 numbers).

I'm a little shocked.

8.8 million visitors to strip bars each year in Texas?

Evidently, these businesses in Texas have slightly more than 24,000 patrons a day.

That's a lot of boob watchin'.

Does this mean the circumstances in which Anna Nicole Smith met J. Howard Marshall are normal???

Anyway . . .

Owners of these establishments are whining about losing business. A couple of lawsuits exist. One of which cites "artistic freedom of expression".

Pole dancing is a form of "artistic freedom of expression"???

Sure, why not??? I'm very confident that the fellows with the National Endowment of the Arts would be tickled pink to fund the artistic expression of strippers.

It would give Republicans something to whine about.

Anyway, the state mandated cover charge begins January 1st. The money goes to sexual assault prevention and health care for the uninsured.

Kind of like the lottery supporting education.



Travis Erwin said...

"The money goes to sexual assault prevention"

That is code for prepaid legal expenses for all state congressman and senators.

Dawn said...

Not sure about Australia but prostituion is now legal in New Zealand. Has been for a couple of years and there were a lot of unhappy people when the law changed.

8.8 million. That's more than the entire population of NZ!

Penelope said...


Actually I was thinking it was code for covering the cover charges for the state congressmen frequenting the strip bars.

-- P

Crabby McSlacker said...

This is one of those male/female differences that I find so hard to understand. From what I gather, men spend a FORTUNE in these places just to get themselves all hot and bothered, when they could just go buy a girlie magazine. I can actually undertstand prostitution better than I can strip clubs.

To a cat, the appeal must be even more incomprehensible.

Penelope said...

Dawn: What can I say: lots of testosterone in the Lone Star State.

Truth be known, I understand none of this, as I was spade in February of 2002 (happy Valentine's day to me). All I know is 8.8 million is a lot of dirty old men.

-- P