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Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

Karen decided two weeks ago that she wanted a new car.
To help her out, I did a little research and got several quotes from dealers around town on cars I thought would be suitable for us. My thinking at the time was perhaps something like a Mercedes S class.
"What in God's name are you doing?" Karen said when I handed her the bids. "I'm not spinding $85,000 on a car."

Why do I even bother?
Anyway, Karen ended up buying a kiwi green Ford Escape. It's pretty cute. She's happy.
I still want the Mercedes though.
Oh well . . .


the Bag Lady said...

Penelope, the Bag Lady can relate to the Mercedes desire, but she, too, is reduced to driving a Ford. Hers is a Ford Explorer Sport Trac - half Explorer, half truck. She finds it very handy for those semi-monthly trips to town when she does her shopping. It's amazing how much she can put in that little truck! And she loves that it's a 4-wheel drive for those times she has to check fence in the bush! That also comes in handy when it's icy, or the snow plow doesn't get down her road. Hope Karen is happy with her Escort.

the Bag Lady said...

Oops, the Bag Lady meant to say Escape...sheesh. She's so embarassed!

Penelope said...

According to the owners manual, sadly we cannot use the Escape as a snowplow. However, it got up to 78 degrees Saturday, so I'm not sure it's necessary. Today is a cold one-- right now it's 62 degrees.

-- P