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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If You Don't Go to Class . . .

OK, I know I told you guys that I wouldn't speak anymore of this soap opera out of Albany, but I couldn't help myself today:


New Yorkers: Can you Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase elect someone, anyone, who can stay off The Daily Show for 24 hours after taking office?

But that's beside the point . . .

Politicians are always saying how hard they work for you, the taxpaying yahoos of the world. They spend all these long hours making our world a better place blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. . .

My question is this: if they are sooooooooo busy working for the "common man", how do they find the time to, how shall I put it, DIDDLE OTHERS WHO ARE NOT LEGALLY/ SOCIALLY OBLIGATED TO DIDDLE THEM???

Are these elected officials just really high energy? Or is this working eighteen hour days thing just a myth?

Just 48 hours ago I was planning on writing this nice little uplifting piece about Paterson and how wonderful it is that a man who for all intents and purposes is blind could overcome and achieve a law degree and a high ranking political position.

Thank goodness I took the low road and created an awesome episode of Masterass Theater.

And more to contribute to my jadedness . . .

Karen's friend Jenny sent her this link. Since I read Karen's email (don't tell her-- I just change everything back to "new" and she's totally clueless), I thought you guys would be interested in this as well:


Perhaps if congressional representatives would, I don't know, SHOW UP, they could actually VOTE. Don't give me that crap about pee breaks. Teachers have learned survive the majority of a day without leaving a room full of goofy sixteen-year-old unattended-- I can't imagine that congress people have it any worse off. From what I see, both nationally and in Texas, the issue is not pee breaks-- it's truancy.

I challenge you to look up your state and national congressional representatives. You will be shocked to find out their attendance records.

These yahoos don't show up to work.

To get a pee break one should show up to work don'tcha think???

Granted, I can't stand the state congressional representatives in my neck of the woods. Karen wrote them two letters and received two preachy responses in return (both probably written by interns-- whatever). But nevertheless, the constituents of redneck Hell did elect them, so they damn well better be showing up and voting.

And if they don't???

I don't know-- it's not like I can vote. And even if I could vote, apparently I'm outnumbered by rednecks.



Mr. Shife said...

Well you are not missing much by not voting. We humans keep electing douche bags anyway. I was hoping that would change this November but it looks like a certain person is going to play dirty to get what she wants.

billy pilgrim said...

i find the trick is to vote for some fringe party that has zero chance of getting elected.

the chances are 99% that the person elected will be an arsehole so at least i can say don't blame me, i voted for kodo.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Given the idiots people keep electing to office, I'm quite glad our politicians don't show up for work. I'd be willing to kick in a few bucks to hire more hookers, if it will keep them busy and distract them from passing any more bonehead laws.

Mr. Shife said...

RYC, I have no idea where my blog ideas come from. I just cruise around the Internet for a bit, some sort of process takes place, and then I have a fresh blog dropping.

Mr. Shife said...

Yes I do remember New Coke. My mother just about had a stroke when they replaced her beloved beverage with that New Coke crap. She was not happy.