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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dawn is One Fabulous Cat

What a week.

Karen is still crying over George Clooney's loss at the Academy Awards. I tried to console her with the idea that it really didn't matter since she most likely would not be meeting Mr. Clooney anytime soon.

I also tried to remind her that Daniel Day Lewis was almost as equally attractive, but she didn't care about this either.


I can only deal with ridiculous for so long. Now I need to move on to more important things.

Like me and my award.

Anyway . . .

Dawn is back (link to the right).

If you don't know Dawn, she is a fabulous New Zealand writer. We love Dawn for a myriad of reasons, one being that she was the first person who wasn't one of Karen's insane acquaintances or relatives to post comments on the blog. Dawn knows pure genius when confronted with it, I'll tell you that.

Ripples on the Lake is a best seller in Australia. Although the title isn't available on Amazon in America, one can order it via booktopia.com, which ships internationally.

Anyway, I told you guys that Dawn is back, which infers that Dawn was gone for a while. It seems that ole Dawn is one busy lady, raising dogs (God forbid-- we'll forgive her that one), writing, and working on developing an Internet business.

Now Dawn has a little more free time, so she plans to rejoin us more often in cyberland.

To welcome back our prodigal daughter, I am awarding Dawn the "No Ordinary Cat" Award. Since Dawn has been absent, let me remind her of the rules:

1. You must post the award.

2. You must write or plagiarize an acceptance speech.

3. DO NOT send me your first born child, as I am too busy napping and grooming to raise such a creature.

Anyway, we are very glad to see Dawn back.

Other things my team of researchers are working this week:

1. Primary Crap
2. Liars, Statistics, and the Crap We Call Professional Sports
3. What the Crap are People Wearing to the Mall these Days???
4. Crappy World Series Predictions

Any other crap we should discuss???


the Bag Lady said...

Penelope, you failed to mention whether or not you have read Dawn's book. The Bag Lady has, and it is an excellent read - she highly recommends it!
We are all glad to have Dawn back on the blog scene! She certainly deserves your award.

Penelope said...

I have not read the book because I just discovered it can be shipped to the states. It's on the list though and I plan to do so.

-- P

Travis Erwin said...

I too am glad to see Dawn back in the blogosphere.

Dawn said...

I humbly accept your lovely award, Penelope and will duly post my acceptance speech on my blog.

Ahh, Penelope - I feel as if I "discovered" you. I always knew you were a cat that was going to go far.

Oh, that's right, you're shifting!

Seriously, thanks for the lovely words. Tell Karen to buy the book and read it to you. I know you can read but that way you can just close your eyes and snooze and only wake up for the mention of the black cat in the book - there is one - but she's called Samantha!

Leah J.Utas said...

Thank you for bestowing your award on Dawn.

SUV MAMA said...

Team of researchers, won't you please discuss the "excitement" over Texas today? It's not every day a radio pundit tells the GOP to "Vote for Hillary".

Off to check out Dawn's blog!