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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Annie Show Your Bra Off

Today I am writing about the mall.

This is quite difficult, as I am a cat and have never been to the mall.

However, I hear about this mall place constantly. Karen goes there often, as do her friends. From what I gather, the mall is this place where people buy stuff. Kind of like eBay, but more social and the parking is abysmal.

I've seen this mall place on CNN before. Evidently it's pretty happening.

Personally, I have no desire to go to the mall. I am a celebrity and don't want to be mauled by hordes of screaming fans. I've seen this happen to other celebrities on E! News and it's very disconcerting.

When you are as famous as I am, it pays to take precautions.

Anyway . . .

Karen was telling me about these girls she saw at the mall. Evidently it is now a fashion trend to wear a tight white t shirt with a brightly colored bra.

So basically, these gals are announcing to the world the following:

1. Yes, I wear a bra.

2. Yes, I am a skank.

3. If I'm not a skank, I did not look in the mirror this morning after dressing. Therefore, I am an idiot.

4. I got boobs.

Truthfully, I have no qualms with nudity per say. After all, I spend most days wearing nothing at all and things seem to work out for me just fine, thank you much. But isn't underwear just that-- underwear??? What's the point of showing it off???

Any thoughts???


Crabby McSlacker said...

I think the whole fixation on underwear is a bit weird, whether one is humiliated because a tiny bit of it is showing, or whether one is eager to draw attention to it. It's just freakin' fabric, people.

I think fur is a much classier alternative.

Dawn said...

No one is very interested in my boobs nowadays whether I show my bra off or not!

Reb said...

I must agree with Crabby on this. Underwear for some people is just an extra layer that has to be worn, then there are those that take it way too far.

Fur is much better.

robyn's nest said...

Wow, Penelope! Thanks for promoting my Etsy shop on your blog! You are indeed an extraordinary feline!

Travis Erwin said...

This might be a shocker, but ladies trust me we men do not need neon signs or red flags to notice your boobs.

Mr. Shife said...

Travis is certainly right. We are quite aware of your twins. I am pretty sure it is programmed in our DNA. As I get older, I am not looking forward to the old man trend where I hike up my pants to my chest. Maybe if I wear a brightly colored bra it will remind me not to do that.

SUV MAMA said...

It was only a matter of time.

Boys have been showing off their underwear for years. They actually BELT THEIR PANTS AROUND THEIR MID THIGH, revealing their underwear proudly. I don't think anyone ever explained the use of a belt or why to use one. Poor guys.

Now the girls feel they are also entitled to show off their underwear.

Equal rights for idiots!

I personally am all for public displays of idiocy. It makes it SO much easier to identify future politicians & Wal-Mart cashiers.

MizFit said...

I laugh that I think I do this....but it all started with my NOT having the required flesh colored bra for under my white tee (tight? not so much)----so I opted for red as then at least I knew that OTHERS knew that I KNEW my brazzzzirrre was showing.

Im too aged for the sexy part.

or mama'd.

either way.