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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What the Chuck???

So much going on. So much going on. . .

It's been a very eventful weekend.

Chuck the Pug

J.T., Karen's non evil brother, came to visit from Dallas. He brought with him both a girl and a dog.

Other than the fact that the girl stole my room and shut the door so I couldn't go inside and take a nap in her suitcase, I have no serious beefs with the her.

She seems nice.

However, the pug is a different story.

Chuck is a PUPPY. He kind of looks like a drunken Gargoyle. He runs about chasing things. Sometimes when he moves with stuff in his mouth he runs into furniture. He chews on things. Thankfully his attention span is nil, so he doesn't chew long enough to destroy or damage much.

Chuck chases his tail, that is, until he is distracted by something random.

He tried to eat tissue paper. I could not make this up. Who does that?

I can't believe Karen's parents would allow a DOG in their home. It just isn't civilized. The dog even pooped on the rug by the back door. That's utterly disgusting. Even Sadie wouldn't do that.

Sadie, by the way, is hiding underneath the bed in the spare room. She comes out only when she's sure Chuck is in his kennel. Period. Then she takes care of all her business at once and goes back into hiding.

Thankfully, Chuck has a healthy fear of me and is too small to jump on the couch. So I'm pretty safe as long as I stay on furniture.
Karen told me I needed to "be nice" to Chuck.
Chuck ate some of my food, I think. I didn't actually see him do this, but I could sense his dog stench by the bowl.
So I ate some of his.


Travis Erwin said...

Be very careful, P. Karen might fall in love with the pup and decide she needs one of her own.

BlueBella said...

Yes, puppies are gross and scary. I hope you don't get sick off any of his slobber that may have gotten into you dish!
And careful about the suitcase - don't get zipped up and taken back with the dog!

Rolli said...

Not sure what to think of pugs, personally. Cutish - except for the bug-bulgy eyes, which are jiggly and frightening. There used to be a woman with creepy bug eyes in my town, who the children (myself among them) called "The Bug-Eyed Lady." But actually she had a weird disease.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Rolli - I would say that was goiter.

Penelope - I had a pug when I was growing up, and (don't hate me) I think they're adorable. You've pegged his behavior perfectly!!

writtenwyrdd said...

We have a pug and he's adorable, loves and bows down to the cat, and thinks cats rule.