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Sunday, May 27, 2007

On Language

You know what word I love?


Doesn't it sound sophisticated? I've been using it all day.

"Karen, I have a myriad of problems I wish you would rectify."

"There are a myriad of reasons why the Astros (and virtually ALL of the National League, thankfully) are sucking right now."

"I came up with a myriad of justifications as to why it was reasonable for me to bite Sadie on the neck at five in the morning, consequently starting World War III in the bed Karen claims is hers." (whatever)

You know what other word I like? Acrimonious.

"If it weren't for his acrimonious attitude, I might stop trying to kill Jeff."

If you don't know Jeff is Karen's brother. The first time I met him he got down on all fours and barked at me. Being a docile kitten, not yet jaded from the world in which I inhabit, I licked him on the nose. If I spend any time at Karen's parent's house he comes around. Eventually, we end up in a fight during the visit. He always comments on my weight and tells Karen that I have a tumor, which is why I hiss at him constantly. My hissing couldn't possibly be because he constantly harasses me and doesn't accept the fact I am a far superior being.

Anyway . . .

"Sadie called me acrimonious, when I hissed at her for sitting in my chair." (not really, but we can hope that Sadie will eventually extend her vocabulary)

"If Rosie O'Donnell wasn't so overbearing and acrimonious, no one would watch The View, and then, consequently, Elisabeth Hasslebeck would lose her job."

Those are my words. Does anyone have any to share?

Karen has a friend who likes to say "exacerbate". She says he uses it because it sounds dirty.

Could be, but it's a great word, anyway.


Dawn said...

There are myriad reasons why you're my favourite cat, Penelope. There are also myriad reasons why you should be careful about initiating unprovoked attacks. What if Sadie had a bad-ass tom friend who decided to leap to her defense?

Penelope said...


The chances of Sadie having a "bad- ass tom friend" are slim to none. First of all, Karen doesn't let us out of the house, which limits our contact with others tremendously. Furthermore, when we do have an opportunity to mingle with others, Sadie goes and hides underneath furniture far away from the party.

Truthfully, we don't know that many other cats. We have cousin cats we visited once with Karen. We do know some dogs. There's Toby, the daschund, who thankfully was neutered a couple of years ago. He was always coming on to me when he came over. I told that dog I don't swing that way, but apparently he does. He has a sister named Zowie, a beagle who I've only seen, but not been formally introduced. There are some others as well, but I don't particularly care for any of them. Dogs are very need and require too much reassurance. It gets on my nerves.


"The Captain" said...

I don't know if I am allowed to post here. I am a Cubs fan.

"The Captain" said...

BTW I added your you to my captain aproved blogs.

Penelope said...

Good Jeff--

(I will call you good Jeff as opposed to evil Jeff.)

The Cubs rock, despite they suck almost as much as the Astros right now. Any team that has a hystrionic coach like Pinella is awesome. Such an irony for a coach to be as dramatic as he in a game as slow as baseball . . .

I haven't given up hope yet though. If Biggio will hurry up and reach 3,000 hits so he can stop hacking at anything thrown within fifty feet of him and if Lance Berkman will start hitting again (I don't question this-- Berkman WILL hit eventually) things will get better.

In Houston the season doesn't start until about mid July, sometimes even later than that. In 2005 they started the year off with a 15-30 record and amazingly got to the World Series.

Go 'Stros

-- P

Crabby McSlacker said...

Would a beautiful cat consent to be tagged for a meme?

You have indeed been tagged over at my blog(hissss) but it's the easiest meme in the world (purrrr).

If you don't want to play, please let me know and I'll get someone else. (But I'm hoping you're game).

If it's any consolation, Dawn got it too.

"The Captain" said...

2008 will be the 100th anniversary of the Cubs last world series win.