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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Go Crimson

Readers who are also bloggers as well:

Do you have a stat counter???

I am totally into this stat counter thing.

Basically, I have a hidden counter on my blog that tells me about my readers. This is the type of information I get:

1. Number of readers.
I know how many people load my page. I know how many people return to my page because it's just so fabulous.

2. General Location of Readers
No it doesn't give me your street address or your first and last name. That would be creepy. Mostly it gives me cities and countries. Sometimes it gives me places of business. So I know who is "surfing" at work!!!

Why is this so awesome, you ask?

I don't know-- it just is.

I felt really cool the other day when my page was loaded by someone in the offices of the Harvard Crimson. Of course, this should not be particularly surprising to you, as we all know how valuable my blog is to intelligent society.

Other interesting places of higher learning which loaded my page:

St. Laurence University



Other interesting facts:

56 percent of my readers are American. 36 percent are Canadian. Three percent are unknown. Two percent are Australian and British. One percent derive from Singapore and Germany. One half percent come from Pakistan, New Zealand, or Italy.

I don't know about the U.S. breakdown by state. Much of my American readership is from Texas, I think. I've got readers all over greater Houston, greater Dallas, Tyler, Austin, and many other Texas locations. I also have readers in New York, California, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, and many others.

I'm popular on the east and west coast. I have a hole in readership right smack dab through the middle of the country. I have no idea about this.


You know what I'd like??? I'd like more comments from my fabulous readers. Comments make my day. It thrills me to know that my wisdom is shared throughout the world.

If you are interested in getting your own counter, here is the address:


Adios guys.

Comments are appreciated.


the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady has sitemeter on her blog, but she has nowhere near as many readers as Penelope. The Bag Lady is now jealous of a cat. Sheesh.

Reb said...

I too have a sitemeter on my blog. I find it really disappointing though when I realize the person that clicked on my blog from some far distant locale did it in error and left as soon as they could hit their back button. Oh well, I don't blog to get readers even though I do appreciate each and every one I have.

Crab in Need of Intervention said...

Hi, my name is Crabby and I am a StatCounter-a-holic.

Can't stay away from it.

Of course like a doof I bought a new wireless modem thingy and didn't realize that it changed my own ISP address. So I kept wondering who this person was who was spending so much time on my site! Were they obsessed? Gosh they must really love Cranky Fitness!

Yep, it was me. I'd blocked the old ISP but not the new one.

Travis Erwin said...

I too use statcounter. It can be addictive, but it can also be deceiving as well.

I live in Texas, but statcounter shows me as being from Arkansas. And sometimes it says people stayed for o seconds but they left a comment and I don't think they read and type that fast.

All that said statcoutner is a very useful tool.

Dawn said...

Half a per cent of your readers from New Zealand! In fact, it was actually worse than that. That half a per cent was divided between NZ and several other countries.

I feel as if I am the official NZ representative on your site and I'm not sure I'm up to the task. If I make some tasteless cat joke, will you send Sadie over to barf on the entire country?

And I confess, I too have a stat counter and I love them.