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Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Hair and the Governator: Together at Last

To the right is a picture of the Govenator and Good Hair at the Inauguration of the President of Mexico. I don't remember the name of the Mexican president and I feel too lazy to look it up right now. I apologize to my readers for my slothful behavior.


My post has nothing to do with the picture. I just thought I'd share it with you.


I don't know.

Anyway, the temperature dropped last week and the weather is cooling off. Karen started pulling out her winter clothes, specifically sweaters to wear to work. This is humorous because the lows have been typically 65 degrees.

Probably not going to need those snow tires any time soon, Karen.

As you know I live in the part of Texas known as the Gulf Coast. We don't have seasons here. We have summer with occasional bouts of spring and fall. That's it. For this reason, when temps get below seventy people start talking about the "cold weather".

Personally, I like the cooler weather. Karen keeps the thermostat set at 82 degrees during the day while she's at work (self- centered hag).

Just because I don't have a job, or contribute anything other than my presence to the household, doesn't mean I don't have a right to the comfort of 73 degrees.

Anyway . . .

Sadie had another howling episode again last night. Karen yelled at her about "civilize people sleeping at two am".

Dude, Sadie isn't a person, she's a cat and not the most brilliant one at that. Karen can't put human expectations on her. It simply isn't fair.

Occasionally, she does the howling thing during the day while I'm trying to take a nap. I just get up, slap her across the face, and bite her on the ear (not necessarily in that order). Typically the problem is solved.

I'm tired now. I'm going to bed.


the Bag Lady said...

Just wanted to share the Bag Lady's weather report. Cold (22F). Snow. Why does she live here, anyway? Perhaps she could come stay at your house where 65F would seem balmy. Does it snow there? :) One of her fondest imaginings is to get in her vehicle and drive until someone asks her what that electrical cord sticking out the front of her vehicle is for...

Penelope said...

The last time it snowed was Christmas Eve 2004. When I say "snow" I mean most of town had white stuff on their cars in the morning. I don't mean that anyone had to shovel the walk or buy a snow plow.


Reb said...

Bag lady, then of course comes the explanation of what a block heater is and why it is necessary.

Poor Sadie, maybe she wants to blog too?

Penelope said...

What's a block heater???

Karen doesn't own a heater. She laughed at the idea.

Sadie isn't ready to blog yet. First of all, she's illiterate and spells worse than Karen. Second, she can't type, as she only knows most of her letters. Don't worry-- I'm working with her. Perhaps one day soon she'll be ready to create an entry.

-- P

Reb said...

A block heater Penelope, sits near the engine block of your car and keeps your oil from freezing. This is necessary in the frozen North where temperatures can dip to -40 and stay there.

Up here, plugging in the car has a different meaning. We do it in order to start the car in the winter and have been doing it for years.

You keep working with Sadie, everyone can benefit from learning.

Oh and tell Karen, she can laugh at our heaters as long as she doesn't mind us laughing at her being cold at 65 degrees - pfft.

Travis Erwin said...

Why is it that Rick Perry reminds me of a funeral director?

Penelope said...


He kinda reminds me of John Edwards-- it's gotta be the hair thing.

-- P