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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Myspace ain't Yourspace

Tonight on the local news the fourth story was about a sixth grader who was poking fellow students with an Exacto knife as they walked by his table in art class. Keep in mind that my local news is in the fourth largest city in the United States.

Just a dumbass sixth grader

Not even an Exacto gang of dumbass sixth graders

No one died

No one went to the emergency room

No one even had stitches

Again, just a dumbass sixth grader with an Exacto knife

I can't say much more. That is, other than, why the crap is this the FOURTH STORY ON THE LOCAL NEWS???

Anyway . . .

My good friend Jim over at "The Stars are My Destination" shared this with me:

Evidently, the 35,000 member "Harvard Award Winning" Atheist group was somehow deleted from Myspace, but now has been retrieved:


I have a question:
If the basis of a group is not believing something, what do they talk about?

"Do you believe in God?"

"No, I don't think so."

"O.K. then"

"Do you need proof of a Godless society?"

"Sure why not?"

There's only so much to say about something one doesn't believe in. Within five minutes or so, do they go to politics? What about crazy Britney? I'm really into this whole Roger Clemens did he/ didn't he do steroids thing, so if I were an atheist, I'd go there.

Anyway . . .

I don't know how Myspace works. Before the atheists were reinstated, I was planning on calling for a Myspace boycott, but I don't have a Myspace account, so that would be pretty stupid. Then I thought about suggesting that the atheists go over to Facebook and realized this really didn't have that much of an effect on my life, so I took a nap instead.

I'm not exactly sure what Facebook is, anyway. For that matter, the only thing I know about Myspace is that it's the place where the Feds catch all those pedophiles.

Since the atheists were reinstated to Myspace, I guess all is well.

Some of the Atheists believe that a right wing Christian group is responsible for having them deleted. I hope this isn't the case, mainly because what's the point?

To win an emotional argument (and yes, the existence of a God or many gods, or whatever, is an emotional argument, whether you see it that way or not), one has to appeal to another emotion. I don't know how one goes about convincing an atheist to become a Christian, but I can guarantee that deleting their forum ain't the way.

The "pissy" emotion does not win friends and influence people. Since I am a cat and far superior to all of you people, I am exempt from this rule.

For me pissy is endearing.

Anyway, I've gotta go. Stay tuned for "Working the Poles with Fred's Hot Wife".


k said...

For me the difference between Facebook and Myspace was that on myspace random naked people with tattoos were always hitting on me while on Facebook, they just tried to get me to add a gazillion applications. I dumped myspace. Got enough tattooed nakedness in my life already, thanks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have a question:
If the basis of a group is not believing something, what do they talk about?

A group of Christians(/Jews/Muslims, take your pick) would have the same problem.

"Do you believe in God?"


"Me too."


"So, uh, how 'bout those Mets?"

The answer to your question is, while our non-belief may be the basis of our getting together, that doesn't mean it's always and eternally the sole topic of conversation any more than God/Jesus/Mohammed/whatever is all theists talk about.

Ultimately, atheists need and want groups for the same reasons that theists need and want to go to church (or at least get together). Atheists in particular usually feel a need for a space where we can talk openly about the fact of our non-belief, its social consequences, how silly/misguided/dangerous fundamentalists are, etc, and have an actual discussion instead of the "OMG U R ATHIEST U BURN IN HELL PLZ" that we get from everyone else.

Which is not to say that atheists always agree about everything any more than Christians (/Jews/Muslims/whatever) always agree about everything. Theists have all their different competing sects and theological differences; atheists have a perennial debate about whether we should call ourselves "atheists" or "agnostics" or "humanists" or some other cockamamie term (you can see which position I take). And then, of course, there's the political debates...

Reb said...

The "pissy" emotion does not win friends and influence people.

I love that statement! Yes, pissy is endearing on you.

Travis Erwin said...

As K said on myspace I get a dozen invites a day to see somebodies naked pics and on facebook I get to play scrabulous.

SUV MAMA said...

I love MySpace. I'm insane, I know. My engineer-security-computer geek husband HATES that I go there- the bad code alone is damaging to the computer.

But I've found so many great friends again- without having to pay "classmates". Friends from college, highschool, jr.high- it's nice to see everyone's pictures and what they are up to.

I keep my profile "private" and keep the information contained to a dull roar, even it is is "private".

Whew! Didn't mean to post a pro-myspace thing on your blog.

RE: The exacto knife- wowsers. Although when I see news stories like that I think all is okay in the world, because they aren't talking about the latest school shooting. So I'm sure this week they got to drop the exacto knife incident (if you can call it that) and focus on the truly sick guy in Illinois. Or something.