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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


"I do love you, even if I used to be an opium addict."

-- L. Ron Hubbard

Explains a lot, huh???

This is me hiding from the Scientologists-- they are known for litigation.

If any of you, my readers and fans, are Scientologists, good luck getting anything out of me. I'm a cat and have nothing of what you humans call "money". I have no job or pockets. I live with Karen, who claims to also have "no money", or at least that's what she told me the other day when I asked her why we didn't have a driver and a staff like the late Leona Hemsley's dog.

Anyway . . .

Amongst journalists, a Scientology video is circulating featuring every one's favorite Scientologist Tom Cruise, expressing his hard and fast devotion.


This video has been removed from YouTube several times, as it's totally great. Cruise, at least in my opinion, comes across as both an egoist and a moron (interesting combination).

Catch it while you can.

Another point of interest: Andrew Morton's unauthorized biography of Cruise came out today. No, I'm probably not going to read it, as I have several other things I'd rather read, I'm not a big Morton fan (or a proponent of "couch trip" Cruise, for that matter) for a variety of reasons. However, if any of you guys have an interest in reading it, I'd sure love to hear about ole crazy Tom.

Allegedly crazy, that is.

Let's just say it this way: Brooke may be forgiving, but we over here at "I Don't Pretend to be an Ordinary Cat" are not that sort.



SUV MAMA said...

Amazing. That was better than my favorite 2 episodes of Southpark that are about scientology.

My favorite part of the Tom Cruise video was the vacation thing. "I can't go on vacation...because I know!" Dude. You clearly NEED a vacation of some kind.

Penelope said...

SUV Mama--

The reality is that L. Ron Hubbard wasn't that great of a writer. And now we have people buying into this "religion" featuring aliens coming out of volcanoes? It's too much.

Only in Hollywood. . .

-- P

SUV MAMA said...

Not to deeply offend some readers, but I feel the same way about mormons. It's insanity. www.mormonchallenge.com

is an interesting site...

I would like to read KSW now, just to be more informed. I tried reading the book of mormom once, but there were SO many spelling and grammatical errors- it was like trying to find reason in a 2 year old.

Reb said...

So, that was weird. I think someone who studies body language would have some interesting insights. I thought I spotted a couple of the "tells" that let you know when someone is lying which adds yet another layer to the weirdness.

Thomma Lyn said...

Ai yi yi. Tom Cruise makes me hiss and spit. And I'm not even a cat. ;)