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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Myriad of Things

I have so much to tell you on so many different subjects.

Where to begin, where to begin . . .

Writing and Inspiration

Part of the deal with my little award was I have to give some writing tips. I've been thinking for a week about what I wanted to say on this subject. Then I ran across an interview with Janet Evanovitch on the Barnes and Noble website. Evanovitch, if you are not aware, writes the Stephanie Plum female bounty hunter books. They are totally great, hysterical, etc.:


Basically, this sums it up. I write for myself. I love to write and don't understand the fact that not everyone loves to write as well. That being said it's a total thrill when I go to my stat counter and see that people find my blog, return to it and continue to read, despite the fact that I don't correct typos which I notice three days after I posted (hence "sinding").

I love it when people comment. I really don't care too much what you say, I just like comments. Again, please comment. If not for any other reason other than to allow me the pleasure of visiting you. I've yet to come across a blog I didn't like.

Actually, that's not true. A while back I found a blog written by some guy who talked exclusively about "tail". I showed this to Karen and she called him a misogynist, amongst other things. I didn't comment on this site, as I have no interest in rabbits.


If I were to give a writing tip I would say to focus more on ideas and concepts as opposed to construction. The average reader only sees about one out of every third word. I'd much rather see brilliance than worry about comma splices and compound/ complex sentences. With basic knowledge of grammar, construction takes care of itself anyway through practice and perseverance.

Readers become great writers. The two are intertwined hopelessly. Reading improves vocabulary. It's a great spring board for ideas. Plus it give the writer exposure to a variety of styles, one might not ever experience without reading.

My best piece of advice is to LISTEN. I base most of my content on things around me, either in books, magazines, television, the radio, reality (as opposed to "reality"), etc. I'm not particularly inventive. I function on the absurd, but not the idiotic.

Well, that's not totally true. I love the idiotic as well.

I read somewhere that Steve Martin once pointed out that chaos in the midst of order is funny, but chaos in the midst of chaos is not. Think about it; that makes sense.

As for funny, I like funny, but I've never considered myself particularly humorous. I'm not quick witted. Perhaps that's why I like this mode of communication: I come across as far more clever than I actually am in reality.

That is my writing advice. What is next is me ranting about political baloney:

Walker Texas Ranger and the Godless Commie Destroyer

I decided to spare you guys my Ronald Reagan soliloquy, but I totally love this subhead, so I'm not changing it.

If I say Chuck Norris, does everyone know who I'm talking about?

I don't mean to sound insipid, but I'm not totally sure if ole Chuck is a Texas celebrity or a universally known character. Anyway, I just looked him up on Wiki and yes, I will now assume that the world knows of the Chuckster.

Anyway, it seems that Chuck is a born again Republican and a staunch supporter of Mike Huckabee. That's great. I'm always thrilled when actors throw their two cents into the world of politics as if they know something. Sometimes I even give them the benefit of the doubt before I openly mock them.

This is not the case today.

It seems that John McCain will be a whopping two years older than the oldest president ever to hold the office. (You people BETTER know to whom I am referring. I will not allow my audience to be culturally illiterate.) To me this is totally funny. Republicans worship Reagan.

I don't know what to say. In all honesty I like McCain better than Huckabee or Romney (Or the MIA Guilliani, who has decided to bet all or nothing on Florida. Hope those retirees show up at the poles, Rudy.), but I'm not a Republican, either. I think he has experience no other candidate (Democrat or Republican) possesses. Yes, with experience comes age. It's a double edge sword.

My thinking behind the age thing is this: when it's our time the great script writer in the sky will take us. End of discussion. In all honesty, I haven't considered McCain's age. I knew he wasn't forty, but he doesn't seem that old, either. Maybe his genes are good, I don't know. His mother is 95 and still drives, for crying out loud.

I just think the age issue is petty. It's not like any (and I mean any) of the candidates are particularly great.

What are your thoughts? Is McCain too old to run???

In Defense of Barack

There's a story going around about Obama. It claims he's a closeted Muslim. Since I don't live in the Obama household, so I have no idea firsthand whether this is true or not.

I'm not going to spend too much time validating or invalidating this, as it isn't my point. I've done the research and I'm seeing only evidence of exposure to Islam because as a child he went to school in Indonesia. This shouldn't be particularly shocking as Indonesia is primarily Muslim. His stepfather, who was in the oil business, was Muslim, although not practicing. His father, as far as my research showed was an agnostic or an atheist (born in Kenya educated in the U.S.). His mother was one of those who liked to expose her child to a myriad of beliefs and practices. As an adult he's been affiliated with the United Church of Christ for the past sixteen years.

This is not the point I want to make today though.

We have got to get over this Muslim thing in our country. If you are not knowledgeable of the Islamic religion here is a site with good information:


Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Muslim, nor am I proselytizing. I'm just saying that Middle Eastern terrorists are about as good of a representation of Islam as Jim Jones or David Koresh, or any of your run of the mill abortion clinic bombers are a great representation of Christianity.

Isn't this the "freedom of religion" country? Did I miss the part about freedom of religion as long as it's some strain of Christianity?


Let's go back forty plus years. John F. Kennedy ran for president during a time when people were scared of Catholics and the idea of the Pope being an influential figure within our government. Kennedy did wonders for Catholic acceptance in this country by basically TALKING about the role of Catholicism in his life and his philosophy of the separation of church and state.

Did you hear me? Should I repeat this concept again? It seems quite foreign in the post 9/11 era.


I don't think that was enough. I think I'll repeat it again in red font.


Do we have it now?

Mitt Romney attempted the same thing a few weeks back on Face the Nation.

I didn't see it as particularly successful. The questions people wanted him to answer he didn't. I ended the half hour feeling Romney avoided more about Mormonism than he answered.

It was a disappointment to me. I really wanted to see Romney show Mormonism in a positive light.

The reality is regardless of religion most people live their lives, are nice to their neighbors, and want their kids to do well in school.

Humans are quite predictable, but what do I know-- I'm just a cat.

What are You Thinking, Obama???

As you all know, I get sick and tired of political whining.

Now I'm going to gripe about Obama.

Apparently, last week Obama mentioned that Bill Clinton had a tendency to mislead people.

Really? Slick Willie misleads people?

I totally didn't know that.

We are talking about the same Bill Clinton who ten years ago (can you believe it's been ten years) argued the definition of "is", right?

Of course he misleads people. He's a politician. Because he's relatively charming we forget Clinton is a scumbag.

I know to some Democrats this is heresy. I've just done the equivalent of calling Ronald Reagan senile to Republicans, which may or may not have been true as well.


Please don't unite and burn down my house.

It seems the nasty season is well underway. May I ask why it was so freakin' important to start all this crap (and yes I do mean crap) early? So now it has to drag on almost a year?

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

Plus there's nothing on T.V.

What shall I do???

Later on this week, I'll give out my awards. Right now I'm tired and going to hit the hay.


the Bag Lady said...

Great writing tips!
The Bag Lady isn't about to comment on American politics, but she did just finish a Janet Evanovich novel - crap, can't remember the title and don't want to wake the Cowboy to find the book. Something about Valentine's day. Very cute, anyway.

Reb said...

I'm just glad that I don't have to pay any attention to American politics - my vote only counts here in Canada.
Yeah, we know who Chuck is. Good writing tips too.

Kelli said...

Hmm... John McCain's age... Reagan was the oldest president in history, and it is believed that his last few years in office were ran by others because of his Alzheimers. Don't know if I would want to elect a guy to one of the most difficult jobs on the planet with that risk.

As for Romney, if you are advocating a strict interpretation of separation of church and state (although the Constitution states "Congress shall make no law...), why would Romney's Mormonism matter? Just like Obama's religious preference shouldn't?

Food for thought.

Penelope said...

Bag Lady--

I love Evanovitch. About five years ago I read the first seven bounty hunter books in a week.

Now I read them as they come out.


I forget that Chuck Norris is a real celebrity. He did a series of commercials for a Houston area furniture store a few years back, so I think of him as local.


I was surprised to find out that McCain was that old. More than anything else it just didn't occur to me to consider it a factor (remember-- I choose not to take any of this seriously fall).

As for Romney you are right-- it really shouldn't matter. My point is that for some reason Mormonism is perceived/ portrayed whatever as old men marrying a myriad of 13- year- olds and screwing over the social security. I honestly believe that most Mormons, like most everybody else, has the same adgenda in life and the rest of it really shouldn't matter. I think you can have socialy/ fiscally conservative/ liberal Mormons just like Christians, Muslims, etc. That was my point, which evidently was not articulated well.

-- P

robyn's nest said...

Hey, Penelope!
I heard some commentary on npr the other day that made me feel VERY much like a minority and VERY depressed at the same time. Check it out:

Penelope said...

Karen heard this earlier in the week. Her thoughts were the same. We are women without a country (or a party), aren't we???

-- P

Travis Erwin said...

McCain does not seem that old, and hey 70 is the new fifty right?