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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Potty Mouth or Conspiracy-- You Decide (Part Two)

For the sake of my own perception of justice, I did some research. Most of the blogs I read are rated PG or PG-13. So I went the opposite direction.

After a little surfing I found me a blog (hosted by blogger) some might consider objectionable. I'm not posting the link, but I will tell you there's a guy named Bob out in cyber land who is really into boobs. In fact he's so into boobs that all he posts on his site are images of boobs in all shapes and sizes.

No words.

Just boobs. (What a boob.)

Perhaps I'm too harsh. Maybe we should call this site "art"?

Nope, it's just boobs.

Anyway, Bob's site was rated PG-13 (for the word "boob"). Every image on this site possesses some form of nudity, particularly boobs.

I'm the 'R'???

Anyway, I posted last night and ran the rating system again to see if my rating changed.

It did.

I'm now 'NC-17', due to the usage of the word "crap" (eight times), "kill" (six times), "ass" (four times), "torture" (three times), "skank" (twice), and "dick" (once)


That's what I said. "Dick" is not a term I use. I just don't say "dick". I thought about this for a while and realized what happened:

I've said "dick" alright.

(Suspense is building-- is it not? see the next post to discover when I, Penelope the Cat, said "Dick")

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