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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family Values

David Vitter, the Republican Senator and Southern Regional Chair for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, found his name on the D.C. Madam's client list.

This is the guy who is supposed to bring the "family values" vote in the south to Giuliani.

Wait a second. I've been distracted by a petty detail.

Since when is Giuliani a "family values" candidate?

I don't even know where to start. He's Rudy Giuliani.

I'm not advocating ole Rudy would make a bad president. I'm just saying if I felt particularly passionate about family values, in the any sense of the phrase, Giuliani just ain't my poster boy.

But that's besides the point . . .

Is this whole David Vitter, I'm requesting services by a professional on a TRACEABLE phone, thing going to become an issue?

The dude's from Louisiana. Informed Louisianans totally know about the good senator's love for the ladies of the night: his name was associated with the Canal Street Madam in 2002. He even dropped out of the gubernatorial race before an article detailing this appeared in some Louisiana publication.

And yes, he is still their elected representative.

Louisiana is a unique place.

I blame the French.

It doesn't matter. If the Louisianians are happy with David "House of the Rising Sun" Vitter, then who am I to judge?

He's not my representative.

It's not like other states, say Massachusetts, don't have goofball senators, reelecting them over and over and over again.

My only issue is this is a "family values" candidate. I'm not exactly sure how the professional ladies fit into "family values".

Something to think about . . .

So as the names are leaked this summer, maybe we should consider what effect any of this has on our lives.

Me, personally: none. Vitter doesn't live in my house. He isn't my "hard dog to keep on the porch".

Now I'm tired from all this philosophical thinking. I'm going to take a nap.

By the way, as of right now, there have been 3,609 American casualties in Iraq since the invasion in 2003.


Dawn said...

My gosh, Penelope, you are so-oo attractive. No wonder all the local toms have been hanging around.

Now, about the little tyke pictured underneath you. You do realise that, for reasons of hygiene, it doesn't matter how many times she tips over your food bowl, you must not barf in her cot!

3609. Does the President know? I really think someone should tell him.

Penelope said...


I don't barf. I have Sadie barf. I won't barf in Sofie's bed now, as she's doesn't really have much of an effect on my life. I might would consider having Sadie barf in her father's bed, though.

I asked Karen if she thought the president knew the number of American casualties in Iraq (which, by the way, is right now 3,610). She seemed to think he did, at least in a vague way. I considered having Karen take me to Crawford next time he's in town and maybe arrange a sit down with him. Then Karen mentioned that Crawford is about five hours away. So, I asked Karen to get him to call me.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Knowing that you are an intelligent cat who is far too sensible for to take up "working", I still can't help but think we would be far better off if you were our president. Please?

Even if you napped for 23 hours a day and replaced our armed forces with Sadie, who could barf all over any threats to our national security, we would be much safer than with this Bush person. Is there any inducement that would persuade you to put your paw in the ring?

Penelope said...

Interesting idea: Sadie could become an air marshall and just barf all over terrorists. I like this idea, except for one fact:

Sadie is deathly afraid of people, she doesn't know.

The idea is tempting, but I'd have to move to D.C. It's cold there in the winter. Before I ran there would have to be a campaign relocating the U.S. capital, as I really don't want to leave the warm winters and the sweltering summers of the gulf coast.