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Monday, July 9, 2007

Solicitors and Metallica

I received a comment in Spanish asking me to post a link to a site selling t-shirts. That is, I think that's what the comment was requesting-- since I don't speak fluent Spanish and had to rely on context clues, I really don't know this for sure. This is the first comment I have not posted.

I decided I should develop some guidelines for links/ comments I will publish. Here are the rules according to me, Penelope the Cat, about posting:
1. All postings must be in English. It's nothing personal. I exclusively speak English, and I don't want to post anything strange unless I understand what strange thing I am indeed posting.

2. By posting links for products, it is my belief I would be endorsing said product. Since I expect you to take my endorsements seriously, I only endorse things I know about. For instance, I would definitely endorse Robyn's Poncho, for it's soft feel and bright pink color. I would never endorse the ear drops I have to take once a week to keep my ears "clean". (Stupid Karen)

3. One of the beautiful concepts of a blog is the lack of guidelines. Thus, I don't have to publish anything I so choose not to publish. Beautiful, isn't it? Basically, that's my philosophy: I will publish what I damn well want to publish. Disagree with this premise? Too bad so sad-- Sadie is in charge of complaints and concerns. She's illiterate-- good luck getting a response from her!

What about freedom of speech, you ask? Well my friends, I'm a cat. I have no voting rights (bastards Americans-- so superior). Therefore why should I follow your societal rules? If you want friggin' freedom of speech my suggestion would be for you to get your own friggin' blog.

Anyway, I read this a couple of days ago and had a laugh:


I saw the picture of Hetfield with the beard. My first observation was the gray.

The mighty have aged.

Furthermore, he reminded me more of Ashley Wilks or Charles Hamilton in Gone with the Wind than of a Taliban member. I guess the Taliban could be recruiting whomever, but middle aged white dude heavy metal heroes?

I don't know . . .

It happens. Say what you will about "profiling", but I would like to know why Hetfield was detained as a risk.

What are the factors?

A beard???

This is a little ridiculous.

To their credit, the airport officials quickly released the dude when they realized the mistake. So no, Hetfield is not on his way to Guantanamo for torture and testing.

All is good. And this ridiculous didn't even happen in Texas.

Go 'Stros

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