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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Potty Mouth or Conspiracy-- You Decide (A Narrative in Three Parts)

It all started on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

I was doing a little reading on McCrabby's blog and discovered a posting for a web site which rates blogs, using the MPAA terminology. For kicks and giggles, I had my blog rated. Much to my surprise, I received an "R".

What R- rated topics have we discussed thus far?


The likelihood of Karen stalking George Clooney?

Sadie's stupidity?


The first dog?

Paris Hilton (and not her video)?


Mitt Romney's ridiculously eternal optimism?

The English language?



Star Wars?

Fireworks and the rednecks who love them?

Willie Nelson's recreational pharmaceuticals and John Ashcroft?

Am I missing something?

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