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Friday, July 6, 2007

"Leave the gun, take the canolli"

Karen had the day off and decided to be a couch potato, in my space on the couch, watching what she wants to watch on TV, not really taking into consideration my needs.

Occasionally, we have Karen's Film Festival. These are some typical selections. See if you can discover a theme.

Pride and Prejudice (1995 version, of course)
I shouldn't have to tell you once again that Karen is a dork. Typically if she has some time on her hands, we spend six hours watching this film. She just loves Colin Firth.

Jumping into the pond

Over and over and over again

Then it becomes Colin Firth day:
Bridget Jones' Diary (both)
Karen and her friends have discussed at length the beauty of the scene when Mark Darcy says to Bridget, "I like you just as you are."

Talk about insecure.

The English Patient
Just parts-- Karen gets bored-- not enough Firth

What a Girl Wants
Karen makes us all sit and watch the last scene where Firth tracks down his estranged daughter and really hot and also estranged wife in America, so that he can give Amanda Bynes the father/ daughter dance she so deserves.

Awwww . . .

Love Actually (gag AND vomit)
Firth fall in love with a women who does not speak his language. That's real practical. He even hunts her down in her homeland, and takes her back to England.

Sounds a little creepy when you tell it that way. . .

You've Got Mail
Again, she makes us sit quietly and watch the last twenty minutes. Karen just loves the ending when Shopgirl discovers that the man she has decided is her one true love, a man she's never seen before, let alone have a conversation with outside of the world wide web, is the capitalist pig who runs her business into the ground. They meet in Riverside Park and as the capitalist pig approaches her, Shopgirl beams, tears welling in her eyes.

"Don't cry, Shopgirl," the capitalist pig said, handing her a handkerchief.

"I always wanted it to be you," she says to him.


It's too bad I don't get hairballs.

Pillow Talk
Feminist fights with playboy. Falls in love with said playboy, who pretends to be someone else entirely in the meanwhile.

Karen loves Rock Hudson almost as much as Colin Firth.

Down with Love
Same as Pillow Talk. Replace Rock Hudson with Ewan McGregor and include a couple of not- so- subtle phallic jokes.

I'm just a little loved out. I'm taking a nap.

Go 'Stros


Crabby McSlacker said...

I do hope Karen didn't take up ALL the space on the couch.

Because favorite videos viewed with Discerning Feline nestled close by is one of the Grand Pleasures of Life.

Lucky Karen!

(Oh, and a bowl of ice cream. That's a nice addition too).

Penelope said...

She gives me a little room at one end. I also like to snuggle in the pillows against the back of the couch. Sadie even joins us sometimes, that is, until I jump on her when she's almost asleep.

One of my greatest thrills in life is to scare Sadie within an inch of her life.

-- P